Claim an Orthodontia Expense

How to Pay for Adult & Child Orthodontia Using Your Health Care Account
Orthodontists typically bill for services one of two ways:

  • Up front deposit + monthly payments over the course of treatment
  • Up front payment in full

You can use any of the available payment features to pay for the orthodontic expenses incurred by yourself or any eligible dependent:

  • Pay by Card
  • Pay My Provider
  • Pay Me Back

Payment Guidelines


What You Need to Know

  • Only the portion of your orthodontic payment(s) not paid by your dental insurance or any other plan is considered an eligible expense.
  • Find out in advance what portion the other plan will cover and pay for only the balance that you will pay out of your pocket.
  • If your other plan pays more than expected after you have received reimbursement from your Health Care Account, then you are responsible for paying the “covered” portions back to your account.
  • If paying with your IntegraFlex Benefits Card, save the detailed receipt AND payment contract provided by the orthodontist. You will need this to verify your card transactions, submit a claim, and verify expenses in case you are audited by the IRS.
  • Setting up monthly recurring payment requests is the easiest way to pay monthly orthodontic expenses. This method also ensures your orthodontic payments will be spread out across multiple plan years so you can make the most of your plan (given applicable maximum election amount).
If you paid a lump sum in the prior calendar year and were reimbursed a prorated amount, the unclaimed amount can be reimbursed in the current plan year (if you are still receiving orthodontia services) by providing a copy of the payment information, claim form and a letter indicating the amount you were reimbursed in the prior year.

How to Request Pay Me Back

You can use Pay Me Back to be reimbursed the amount you paid out-of-pocket towards the treatment in the current plan year.
To be reimbursed, follow the steps below and submit to IntegraFlex:

  1. Download the Orthodontia Claim Form.
  2. Complete and sign the claim form.
  3. Include a copy of the monthly payment receipt, monthly payment coupon, detailed invoice or payment contract – whichever supports the amount being requested on the claim form.
  4. Make sure your proof of expense (one of those listed above) contains the following information: name of the provider, type of service performed, amount paid by the participant, and date the service was provided.

Please make sure that your proof of expense includes a reference to orthodontia; otherwise, the claim will automatically be denied.