IntegraFlex Mobile


You can now have IntegraFlex with you while On-the-Go

At IntegraFlex, we know life is busy and no matter where it takes you, our goal is to simplify and make your "on-the-go" life as convenient as possible when it comes to accessing your IntegraFlex healthcare spending accounts - securely, at any time and from virtually anywhere with our IntegraFlex Mobile App allowing you to take care of your unverified IntegraFlex Benefits Card transactions on your time and at your convenience.

The IntegraFlex Mobile App is available from the Apple App Store as a free download for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  It is also available in the Android marketplace for Android phones.  To download the IntegraFlex Mobile App, simply search:  IntegraFlex Mobile.

Through the IntegraFlex Mobile App, you will be able to access detailed account information, including account balances and plan details, recent transactions and communications, along with claim receipt submission simply by taking a picture with your Smartphone.

The IntegraFlex Mobile App offers seamless access to your IntegraFlex healthcare spending accounts by becoming a "true" extension of the IntegraFlex Employee Online Portal - and does not require an additional registration. Simply download the IntegraFlex Mobile App to your Smartphone, login using your IntegraFlex Employee Portal credentials, and go!


Q. Do I have to pay for the IntegraFlex Mobile App?

A. No. The IntegraFlex Mobile App is one of many free features included as part of your IntegraFlex healthcare spending account plans.  It is available for download for free from the Apple App Store and the Android marketplace, by simply searching:  IntegraFlex Mobile.

Q. Can I use the same login and password on the mobile app as I use for my regular IntegraFlex onlline account?

A. Yes. The IntegraFlex Mobile App was designed with your convenience in mind, and that includes only having one login regardless of how you access your IntegraFlex healthcare spending accounts.

Q. How will I know if a claim or receipt I submitted through the IntegraFlex Mobile App was received?

A. IntegraFlex will send an email to you letting you know your claim has been received, processed or paid.

Q. The item I purchased requires a doctor's prescription. Can I use the IntegraFlex Mobile App to upload my doctor's prescription?

A. Yes. If you indicate on your documentation that the purchased Over-the-Counter (OTC) item requires a doctor's prescription.

Q. As soon as I transact my IntegraFlex Benefits Card, can I submit my documentation?

A. Yes.  Simply take a picture with your Smartphone of your "Itemized" Billing Statment showing:

  • Provider's Name and Address
  • Patient's Name
  • "Actual" Date of Service
  • "Type" of Service Provided
  • Billed Amount transacted to your IntegraFlex Benefits Card
When logged into your account on the IntegraFlex Mobile App under the "Recent Transactions" screen, simply tap on the transaction to open the "Transaction Details" screen and tap on "Add Receipt" to attach your picture of your "Itemized" Billing Statement from your Smartphone for your IntegraFlex Benefits debit card transaction.