IntegraFlex Benefits Card Use Verification

KeithsCreditCardWEB4.jpgI used the card to pay my doctor, hospital, or dentist. My statement shows that the card was used at a health care provider. Why am I still being asked for receipts?

Some doctors’ offices, hospitals, and dentists perform services which would be considered ineligible for the Health Care Flexible Spending Account. Because the IRS requires us to obtain 100% verification of Health Care Card transactions, we ask for itemized receipts for all transactions which we are not able to automatically approve.

Why is my card suspended?

Per the IRS, it is mandatory to verify all card transactions and suspend the card for any unverified card transactions. If you have a Card transaction that requires verification, you will be notified immediately by email or U.S. Mail should we not have an email address on file under your account.  You may also see your card transaction history when logging in to your IntegraFlex account.

If, after 45 days from the transaction date, we have not received the requested receipts, your card privileges could be temporarily suspended. As soon as we receive the requested receipts and are able to verify the card transactions in question, we will be able to reinstate your card. Please refer to the Cardholder Agreement you received with your Health Care Card, or feel free to call IntegraFlex Customer Service at (208) 287-0310 for more information.

How can I get my card reinstated?

Once we have been able to verify the eligibility of your Health Care Card transactions, your card will be reinstated within 1-2 business days. In order to help us verify these transactions, we ask that you complete the FlexHRA Claim Form and submit it via fax (208-287-0311) or U.S. Mail (Attn: IntegraFlex Claims, 2402 W. Jefferson Street, Boise, ID, 83702) along with copies of your “Itemized Receipts” or Explanation of Benefit (EOB) for the card transactions listed on the form. Please make sure the documentation you submit clearly show the date of service, type of service and the amount you were responsible for paying.

How can I find out what I need to verify?

You can find a list of the transactions for which we are requesting verification when logging into your account, at

Why did the card work if the transaction needs verification?

IntegraFlex and its partners have worked hard to make your Card easy to use at health care providers, IRS-approved merchants, and pharmacies. In some instances, the partnerships we’ve established help us verify prescription transactions after the sale. When receipts are requested, it is usually after a purchase at a pharmacy that does not have an IRS-approved system or at a health care provider, such as a doctor’s or dentist’s office. Therefore, it is extremely important that you save all receipts as the IRS requires 100% verification of all health care card transactions, and check your account regularly by logging on to

What can I do to reduce the number of receipts I am asked for?

To reduce the amount of receipt requests for prescription items, you should make your purchases at merchants, pharmacies and drugstores that have an IIAS system in place.

When are receipts not needed?

The surest way to use your Card without the need to submit receipts is to shop at merchants and pharmacies that have the IRS-approved inventory system in place.

IIAS is the common acronym for the IRS-approved Inventory Information Approval System. IIAS was introduced January 2009 and enables merchants with an approved system to verify Card purchases right at the check-out counter. Since all stores (including pharmacies and drug stores) that sell general merchandise along with health care items must participate to accept the Card, it practically eliminates the need and hassle of having to submit receipts to verify the transaction after the purchase. For a list of IRS-approved merchants, please visit Sigis.
If we can not verify on our own using the methods mentioned above, we will need to ask you for receipts.

I sent in a claim, and it was approved, but I was only reimbursed for a portion of the amount I claimed. What happened?

Most likely, you had a Card transaction that needed additional verification. If IntegraFlex requests a receipt and you did not submit a receipt or repayment, then 45 days from the date of the Card transaction, IntegraFlex will deduct the amount of that transaction from any future “Manual”claims that you submit. Click here for a full explanation of Card Verification and more information on how you can improve your Card experience.