Employer Wellness


Did you know that 50-70 percent of health care costs are a result of lifestyle choices? Studies also show that a majority of the population is willing to change their behavior; they just don’t know how.

What are you doing now to educate your employees on health topics? Do you currently have a workplace wellness program? Is your broker assisting you in this area?

 IntegraFlex has a suite of communication materials designed to educate employees on health-related topics, and the risks associated with lifestyle choices, which could help improve your employees’ health and reduce costs. We also have all the tools you need to get a successful workplace wellness program off the ground or enhance a program you already have.

Download our Wellness Program Needs Assessment Guide to learn more about Employer Wellness.


IntegraFlex offers a wealth of wellness content and resources for you and your employees, including:

    • Workplace Wellness Programs and Employee Health and Wellness Education: IntegraFlex provides guidance for employers on how to create and implement a successful workplace wellness program. Choose from over 500 employee communications designed to promote both health and wellness in the workplace and in employees’ everyday lives.
    • Wise & Well Health Care Consumerism Program: Utilize resources and tools to support health care consumerism education and initiatives in the workplace, including presentations, newsletters, handouts and more. Educate employees on the average cost of health care in the United States as a whole, as well as by region.
    • IF You Are Well: Health and Wellness Tips for the Empowered Health Care Consumer - Written by IntegraFlex CEO Keith Paduch, this book and its accompanying website and social networks present small steps consumers can take to improve their health and wellness. It will point those within your organization toward living a healthier life while increasing their understanding of health care options and how those options impact everyone’s bottom line.

How much can your business save with Wellness?