IF You Are Well: Health and Wellness Tips for the Empowered Health Care Consumer is a guide to help your employees make the choices and lifestyle changes necessary to stay healthy and out of the health care system, as well as understand how their personal wellness and health care spending habits contribute to and impact the current health care crisis. The small steps outlined here in the four key areas of psychological, physical, relationship, and financial wellness will point those within your organization toward living a healthier life while increasing their understanding of health care options and how those options impact everyone’s bottom line.

Invest in buying this book for your employees if you want to empower them to:

  • Increase their health, creativity and productivity while saving time and money.
  • Understand how the consumer driven healthcare approach puts the individual at the center of their health, wellness, and financial decisions.
  • Adopt preventive and wellness health measures to reduce their dependence on doctors and medicine and lower health care premiums.

IntegraFlex is committed to aiding consumers grappling with preventable health care issues by providing them the tools and knowledge to take control of their health care choices, and in turn, their wellness and financial decisions. Our goal is to change the health crisis paradigm and introduce consumers to the future of health care.

Although these changes begin with the individual, people are more likely to succeed when they embark on their wellness journey with others. Through IF You Are Well’s website and social networks, employees can:

  • Share and experience their wellness journey with family, friends, and coworkers through taking part in Healthy Habit wellness challenges
  • Discuss important health topics framed in our You Decide and Did You Know conversation starters
  • Build their own personal wellness community by participating in our online Wellness Scavenger Hunts that help them engage people, ideas, and communities that support and reinforce a healthy lifestyle

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Individual copies of the book are available for purchase on Amazon.com.