IntegraFlex Connect


Partnering with IntegraFlex is more than us providing Administrative Services

At IntegraFlex, we continually look for innovative benefits management resources and value-added services to ensure your satisfaction. We use state-of-the art technology to deliver these products and services to you.

We extend many of our value-added services to you electronically through IntegraFlex Connect, our web-based client portal that allows you to access information and resources from our web site, participate in Employee Benefit surveys to find out how you compare to others from around the country, and easily connect with a nationwide network of industry peers.

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Our range of value-added services includes:

Compliance Resources

Do you find it difficult to keep up with legislation affecting insurance, your industry and your business? IntegraFlex can provide Legislative Brief educational articles to help you understand important regulations and stay in compliance. Our materials cover health care reform, COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, Medicare Part D, ADA, state specific legislation and more.

Human Resources Education, Tools and Forms

We offer the support that your HR department needs, including educational articles on important HR issues, plus tools such as surveys, checklists, letters and forms. In addition, we can provide a comprehensive employee handbook and help you develop policies unique to your company.

Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is paramount to retaining top employees. IntegraFlex can help you measure employee satisfaction and engagement, plus develop strategies to improve these areas. In addition, you’ll have access to fully customizable benefits statement to educate employees on the full value of their benefits and increase employee appreciation of their total compensation.

Enrollment Tools

Open enrollment is an overwhelming time for HR departments and employees alike. Our educational materials, tools and communications can help streamline and simplify the process for your company and employees.

Employee Benefit Communications

Many employees don’t take full advantage of their benefits because they don’t understand them. Educate employees about your benefits and how to best use their plan with a range of materials from IntegraFlex. Plus, our communications can help employees under-stand how various laws impact them and their families, such as health care reform, COBRA and FMLA.

Education and Training

We provide exceptional service through our education and training opportunities. Our employee seminars are designed to help educate employees, promote health care consumerism, and reduce high claim utilization and high dollar claim expenses. They also provide an atmosphere for team building. Together, we can determine the topics that best suit your needs. We also will provide you with educational articles and newsletters to keep you informed of hot benefits and HR related topics.

How much can your business save partnering with IntegraFlex?