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Established as a Third-Party Administrator in 2003, IntegraFlex is an independent benefits administrator providing technology-based, consumer-driven benefits and compliance solutions to brokers and their clients throughout the United States.

Our commitment to innovative technology delivers a wealth of consumer-driven benefit options, as well as a robust, liability-free, web-based COBRA administration system. These turnkey solutions provide our broker partners the ability to remain strategically competitive in the ever-changing landscape of employee benefits, consumer-driven healthcare, and compliance.

Our banking intermediary, Alegeus Technologies, is on the cutting edge of Debit Card Technology gaining substantial market share and has used this momentum to further enhance our technological capabilities, including the development of a consolidated debit card platform combining- FSA, DCA, HRA, HSA, and CRA into one debit card, the Flex Benefits Debit Card (MasterCard®).

This singular approach provides simplification and ease of use for both employer and employee. The employer is rewarded with the savings derived from per participant rather than per account pricing, as well as real-time balances and user-friendly consolidated reporting. The employee is unencumbered with the confusion and frustration inherent in the understanding and use of multiple cards.

Many TPAs that were late adopters of debit card technology continue to face the obstacles associated with dual processing platforms and data interface challenges. Seven years of our banking intermediary refining the Flex Benefits Debit Card the system now allows us to take full advantage of the potential inherent in this technology.

The power and simplicity of our complete suite of services with particular emphasis on our utilization of a single debit card platform and in-depth knowledge of consumer-driven healthcare have positioned IntegraFlex as an industry leader.

Consumer Driven Benefits

An Opportunity to Satisfy the Needs of Employer and Employee

IntegraFlex understands that a complete solution to a benefits portfolio must include more than just a redesigned health insurance plan. The concept of Consumer-Driven Benefits was developed to not only incorporate the new consumer directed health plans (or high deductible health plans), but to also build on those platforms. Our Consumer-Driven Benefits Solution includes a consolidated service engine that enables employers to realize true cost savings while empowering employees with control and responsibility relative to their personal benefits plan design.

Utilizing the Consumer Driven Healthcare approach combined with FSAs, HRAs, and HSAs, all with the ease of a single platform debit card, has been the most successful benefits solution to date. A consumer-driven benefits approach provides the opportunity to satisfy the needs of both the employer and the employee – a rare solution in an environment of increasing premiums and reduced benefits.

To learn more about Consumer-Driven Benefits and the Flex Benefits Debit Card (MasterCard®), contact us at (844) 574-4550 or

What sets us apart from other TPAs?

  • IntegraFlex uses a single platform for our adjudication and Benefit Cards, meaning all transactions process in real time and in one system, with no risk of lost or dropped information resulting in potential overpayment to the participant.
  • IntegraFlex works solely off of the employer’s account for all reimbursements, so there is no risk to the employer or employee’s funds. The employer will open their own account and all transactions will run through that account with the employer in complete control.
  • has online claims submission capability, employees can submit claims online 24-7 from the convenience of their desktop or home computer.
  • IntegraFlex offers 24-7 account access via our participant online portal, which can be customized and branded with the employer’s logo and colors.
  • IntegraFlex has a 24-hour guaranteed adjudication turn around – meaning within 24 business hours of claim receipt the claim has been adjudicated and processed for payment.
  • IntegraFlex offers direct deposit of employee reimbursements at no extra charge.
  • IntegraFlex has a dedicated, knowledgeable and certified staff on hand to answer any questions during, and more importantly after plan implementation. We are here for our clients if they need anything from employee meetings, benefit explanation meetings or even if they have a more complex question concerning COBRA – IntegraFlex is here to answer questions and resolve issues.
  • IntegraFlex’s administration of COBRA is handled in one software platform and the employer has online access to update employee demographics, plan selection and employment status.  Our clients are never out of touch with their plans or status of employee elections.