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 Flexible Spending / Dependent Care
 Commuter Reimbursement
 Integrated HRA with Medical Plan
 Qualified Small Employer HRA
 Standalone Dental HRA
 Standalone Vision HRA
 Standalone Retiree HRA
 COBRA Rates
 HRA Modeling
 IBNR Calculation
 Funding Analysis Report
 Pay or Play Modeling
 Pay or Play Actuarial Value Only
 ACA Reporting
 Compliance Package
 Wrap Document
 Enrollment/New Hire Forms
 Premium Only Plan
 5500 Filing
 HIPPA Privacy Documents
 Non-Discrimination Test for Cafeteria Plan
 Non-Discrimination Test for Self-Funded Plan
 4980H Testing for Applicable Large Employer Status
 4980H Testing for Full-Time Employees